Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is a day to celebrate planet Earth. The very first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. Over 20 million people participated in events to support environmental protection. Cities and schools planned educational presentations, recycling events, and cleanups at their local parks, beaches, and other outdoor areas. Today, over 141 nations around the world celebrate Earth Day.
Here are some quick and creative ways you can celebrate Earth Day too:

1      Go on an Outdoor Earth Day Scavenger Hunt!
     Enjoy Earth Day by going on an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt! Have students grab a clipboard and the Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Freebies below. Instruct them to be on the lookout for all that Planet Earth has to offer.
Use their senses by asking the following questions:
·         What do they see? Do they see any creepy crawly insects, birds gliding overhead, new buds or leaves on trees, a clear blue sky, or gray rain clouds?  Have students draw or sketch and color their findings in the boxes on their sheet.
·         What do they smell? Have students focus on smelling. Can they small any sweet fragrant flowers, fresh cut grass, or someone grilling in the distance?
·         What do they feel? Have students close their eyes and touch the ground. Can they feel the soft grass, or the rough rock, bark on a twig, the warmth of the sun, or even a light breeze?
·         What do they hear? Listen closely. Do they hear a bird chirping, other children playing outside, zipping cars in the distance, a school bell, or plants swaying in the breeze?
·         What do they taste? This one will have to wait for a later Earth Day Snack!
The other purpose of this Scavenger Hunt is for students pick up any litter or trash they find on our (mini) Earth Day field trip. Remember to bring a couple of trash bags.

Make an I (heart) Earth Project. 
Hand out the I (heart) Earth template. First, have students color the earth and the decorative border. Use the I (heart) Earth printable template below and decorate it with the following supplies:
·         Pretzel sticks

·         White glue
 Have students use the pretzels to spell out the words: I, EARTH. Students could replace the R with a half of a cookie or other round
 item for top part of the letter R. Use white glue to stick the pretzels to the paper. Let them dry well. If you want a quicker activity, simply color in the letters on the template.

  Plant a Flower Sponge! 
Have students bring in one small new clean sponge from home. Purchase some flower seeds. Have students wet down the sponge. Next, they plant their seeds in the sponge. Have them push the seeds down into the sponge just enough so the seeds wont’ fall off when the sponge is picked up. Place the sponges on a Styrofoam plate that has each student’s name written in permanent marker. Place the plates in a sunny window. Have students water their sponges each day. *Don’t let the sponge dry out completely.

Spring Clean the Classroom! 
Earth Day is also about cleaning up our Earth. So why not have the students do some Earth Day Spring Cleaning? Buy some Green Wise disinfectant wipes or make your own solution with Baking Soda, Lemon Juice, and water in a pail. Dip in a paper towel and it’s ready to go. Have students clean book shelves, cupboards, supply bins, sinks, counters, and door handles. It’s also a perfect time to clean out their desks and cubbies inside and out. 
Learn About How to Save Planet Earth! 
Everything you need to learn more about Earth Day, ways to save and protect our Earth, and lots of engaging student activities are included in this Earth Day Activity Pack.

Happy Earth Day!

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