Monday, April 27, 2015

Create a Country Project for Elementary Students

If You Could Create Your Own Country, What Would it be like?
This is a Great End of the Year Hands-on Project!  Newly updated and improved with informational articles, vocabulary words with posters, and engaging student activities related to all the different themes such as culture, flag facts, climates, housing, natural resources, agriculture, transportation (and more) of this creative hands-on project. 

I have used it many years as a culminating project for social studies to reinforce and review all that we've learned throughout the school year. It's focused around  Geography Vocabulary and Map Skills all while having fun. 

I have each student create their own "Country" and base it on their name, although it could be done in with a partner or in groups to save time. I also have the students create a "Country Book" or "Country Cards" with the statistical information and facts on index cards that correspond to their country. 

Performance Task: Students will be creating and designing their own country including:
  • Name of your country
  • A map and flag of your country
  • Build a Culture: language, government, traditions, climate, food, school, houses, and much more!
  • Use the country building outline and checklist for students and teachers to use! 
  • There's a Middle Grades Edition and an Elementary Grades Edition available for all ages!

Check out these Second Grade Student Samples!

Creating your own country may be easier than you thought! 

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