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Language Arts - Social Studies Cross-Curricular Lesson

Grades 4-6 and Homeschool
Sarah Peterson
Hands On History

High Interest Reading Passages!
Cross-Curricular Lesson Plan!

This lesson is great for History as well as Language Arts
Includes 8 reading passages that can be used for close-reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer



This product contains 8 one-page reading passages covering Kings, Queens, the Feudal System, the Coronation, well-known kings and queens, nobles, clergy, peasants and serfs.  Activities, review game, worksheet and teacher’s key are all included.   This product is also perfect for substitute teachers, enrichment learning, homeschool or co-ops!  The reading passages are great for close reading with any non-fiction graphic organizer (not included).

When people think of the middle ages, they frequently envision Kings and Queens living in castles; knights who fought for their lords or for their religion; and peasants, working the fields and doing manual labor.  All of these images are accurate and they were all part of a system known as the “Feudal System.” 

This is one lesson in a series of “Medieval Career Lesson Plans.”

Reading Passages:
8 one-page reading passages covering the following topics:

·        The Feudal System
·        Becoming King; Becoming Queen
·        The Coronation
·        Qualities and Abilities of Royalty
·        Famous Medieval Kings
o   William the Conqueror
o   Richard I
o   King John
·        Famous Medieval Queens
o   Matilda of Flanders
o   Eleanor of Aquitaine
·        Other Classes of the Feudal System

This product includes the following classroom activities:
Ø Job Application
Ø Feudalism Pyramid
Ø Worksheet: “Kings, Queens and Feudalism”
Ø Coloring Pages
Ø Feudal System Role-Playing Activity
Ø Review Game: Bingo Words and Clues
Ø Suggested Books

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