Thursday, April 23, 2015

Language Arts - "Nouns"

By Christina L
Grades 2-4

Here are some fun activities that can be used in literacy centers, small or large groups and when you need something fun to review nouns.

3 Sorting Games 
• Person, Place or Thing? (24 cards) + Answer Key
• Common Nouns or Proper Nouns? (24 cards) + Answer Key
• Plural Nouns Spelling Change (24 cards) + Answer Key
This includes a worksheet to write the nouns in their plural form.

6 Worksheets
• 1 A to Z Nouns Students write a noun for each letter of the alphabet.

• 1 Word Hunt: Nouns Students look for nouns in a book and write them down in the correct column: person, place or thing.

• 1 Word Hunt: Plural Nouns Students look for plural nouns in their book. They write it down in the correct column, according to its ending. 

• 1 Nouns: Common or Proper? Singular or Plural? Students will identify each word using a key. 

• 1 Nouns: Common and Proper For each common noun, students will write a related proper noun. For each proper noun, they will write a related common noun.

• 1 Noun Word Challenge Have students work individually or in pairs to come up with the most unique answers. 

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