Monday, April 13, 2015

LANGUAGE ARTS - High Interest Reading Passages and Comprehension Questions

Grades 4-6 and Homeschool
Sarah Peterson
Hands on History

Check out my latest High-Interest Reading Comprehension Product!

Short reading passages covering Pages, Squires, Medieval Knights, Jousting, Chainmail and Plate Armor.  Reading comprehension questions and graphic organizers are included for each passage. 

This product is great for Social Studies (History) and Language Arts (Reading Comprehension).  The product contains: seven short reading passages and comprehension questions; seven graphic organizers (one for each passage); and the teachers keys.     Questions are true or false; multiple choice and open ended, and include both literal and inferential questions. 

The passage topics include:
·       Pages: Training to be a Squire
·       Squires: Training to be a Knight
·       Medieval Knights: Jobs and Duties
·       Jousting
·       Chainmail
·       Plate Armor

Lexile measure: 630L-660L
 THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT FOR A QUICK SAMPLE FOR CHARTER SCHOOLS!   It may be used for Independent Reading, Homework, or as a Supplemental Homeschool Worksheet.

Grades 4-6 and homeschool

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Happy Learning!

Please note:The Informational Text also appears in my Medieval Careers Lesson Plan; however, the reading comprehension questions and graphic organizers are not a part of that lesson plan.

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