Thursday, October 2, 2014

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Free Word Work Graphic Organizer for Holiday Spelling Words”

by Spelling and Technology
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 

Word Work Graphic Organizer for Spelling Words

This is a bundle of graphic organizers used to help with word meaning. You get a total of 9 graphic organizers:
3 Halloween
3 Thanksgiving
3 Christmas
Plus an organizer with notes so you can see what is required in each cloud. Use this organizer to assist with word meanings and comprehension as well as spelling.

Please view the sample PDF file, it is the complete file you will purchase and be able to print out. 

When you have your students fill out the organizer they will:
Write the word 3 times
Count the number of syllables
Count the consonants and vowels
Find words that are rhyming words 
Find the opposite
And figure out the part of speech  

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