Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Math Lesson - "Common Core Math Activities 6th Grade (6.EE.9) Tables, Graphs, Equations"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grade 6
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This product is aligned to CCSS 6.EE.9. Students are introduced to dependent and independent variables. They are asked to identify dependent and independent variables in various situations. They are required to write an equation to represent a real world situation. This objective requires the student to make a table of values and construct a graph for the data in an application problem. This resource gives much opportunity for a student to make the connection between an equation, a table and a graph.

1st Activity: Guided Notes, Guided Practice, Independent Practice 

2nd Activity: Application Problems 
These problems deal with real world situations which are represented as either a graph, a table or an equation. Students are required to give the other representations to show how data may be presented in different ways.

3rd Activity: Group Activity
Six different task cards are provided to be used with a maximum of six groups. Students will be given a situation with the data presented as either an equation, a table or a graph. The group must represent the data in the two ways that are not given on the card. Graph paper or grid chart paper along with rulers or meter sticks will be needed for the groups. See two of the task cards above.

4th Activity: Check for Understanding
A one page handout which has students represent an application problem in all three representations will check for student understanding. See this page above.

This is a thorough lesson on common core standard 6.EE.9 which will take at least two class periods. Detailed answer keys are included.

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