Sunday, October 12, 2014

Math Lesson - "8th Grade Math - Functions - Rate of Change, Initial Value - CCSS 8.F.1,2,3"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grade 8

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This product will save you time as it contains (1) teacher led lessons with guided notes and examples, (2) lots of independent practice and (3) detailed answer keys.

Keep students engaged as they fill in missing words in definitions and complete solutions to example problems.

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There are four separate activities.

1. Introduction to Functions – 5 student pages (8.F.1)
a. Input and Output
b. Definition of Function
c. Vertical Line Test
d. Various Ways to Represent Functions

2. Review Rate of Change – 1 student page (See Preview)

3. Compare Functions – 5 student pages (8.F.2)
a. Rate of Change (slope) 
b. Initial Value (y-intercept)

4. Linear and Nonlinear Functions – 9 student pages (8.F.3)
a. Graph
b. Table
c. Equation

There are 20 student pages with each page having a detailed answer key.                                                   

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