Thursday, October 23, 2014

Math Game - "Math Board Game 6th Grade - Ratios and Proportional Relationships (6.RP)"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grade 6 

This board game is fun for the students while they sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding of ratios and proportional relationships. They will draw a card and they must correctly answer the question in order to move along the game board. One person will be designated as the Answer Checker. The rules of the game are explained in the Preview.

This product includes the following.
1. Game Board
2. 45 Game Cards
3. Game Pieces
4. Answer Key

The 45 game cards will allow this game to be used for multiple class periods. 

                                                            Click here to preview.          

This is a comment made by a teacher who used this board game with her students.

"It's amazing how much of a difference presentation can make! After complaining about practice problems, the kids turned around and played this game with enthusiasm. Thanks!"

This game is a great group activity. Check it out by clicking the link.



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