Thursday, October 23, 2014

Read Aloud Lesson Plan: Each Kindness

Each Kindness

    This read aloud lesson focuses on the reading comprehension strategy of inferring for the book Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodsen. This great book teaches us to explore the idea of kindness and lost opportunities. This lesson uses the gradual release model and offers stopping points throughout the story. There is also an anchor chart for inferring. This book discusses kindness, bullying and lost opportunities.

     I love the message "Each kindness makes the world a little better."  This book is about a young girl named Maya who is new to the school.  Maya is obviously poor.  She smiles at Chloe, the narrator, who turns away.  Throughout the book, Maya makes overtures to no avail.  One day, the teacher gives a lesson on kindness and Chloe realizes what's she's done.  However, she can't 
make it up to Maya as she's moved away.
     My students did not like this ending.  However, I think it's great. Sometimes, you can't just make it up.  There are lost opportunities and regrets in life.
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