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SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "Explorers and Colonization Lesson Plan Collection"

Explorers and Colonization Lesson Plan Collection (HistoryClick HERE to purchase!
Grades 5-12

Total Pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
2 Weeks

All of the following lesson plans are included in the History Wizard’s Explorers and Colonization Lesson Plan Collection:

Christopher Columbus Webquest
Early Explorers Webquest
Pocahontas Native American Webquest

Fort Caroline and the French Attempt to Colonize Florida PowerPoint
Pirate PowerPoint (Golden Age)

Worksheets, Journals, and Projects
Who Really Discovered America Video Worksheet
A Pox on the New World Worksheet (The Impact of Disease on the Americas)
Age of Exploration: Life on the Open Seas Worksheet
Early Explorer Hall of Fame and Shame Project
Christopher Columbus Primary Source Worksheet
Death of Magellan Primary Source Worksheet
Massacre in Florida Worksheet (The Defeat of the French in Florida)
The Spanish Massacre the French in Florida, 1565: Primary Source Worksheet
Jamestown Video Worksheet and Journal
Jamestown Worksheet: Jamestown Hangs in the Balance
Jamestown: John Smith is Saved by Pocahontas Primary Source Worksheet
Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving Primary Source Worksheet
New Amsterdam Becomes New York Worksheet
Captured by Indians, 1758 (The Real Story of Mary Jemison Capture)
Pontiac’s Rebellion Worksheet: French and Indian War
Indentured Servitude and Immigration in Colonial America Worksheet

Please check out the following lesson plan collections that have some or all of my Explorers and Colonization lesson plans:
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