Sunday, November 16, 2014

Basic Concepts Assessment - No Print!

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This product assesses comprehension of basic concepts in children from Pre-K to 1st grade. This is not a norm-referenced assessment, but rather a tool for clinicians and teachers to establish baseline knowledge of basic concepts. These scores can then be compared to scores post-intervention to determine the student’s growth. 
The scoring sheet divides concepts into 5 categories: spatial, temporal, quantitative, attributive, and negation, providing insight into a student’s relative strengths and weaknesses. There are 60 questions which probe comprehension of 40 different concepts.

Concepts include:

Spatial: in, out, up, down, around, through, over, under, between, in front, behind, first, last, near, far, top, bottom, middle, upside down
Temporal: first, second, last
Quantitative: many, few, whole, half, quarter, all, no, each
Attributive: same, different, colors, tall, dark, light, big, small
Negation: no, not, neither...nor

No Print

While this product can be printed out, it was intended to be downloaded onto a tablet or computer in PDF form and displayed as such, picture by picture, to the student. It is recommended that the scoring sheet be printed out so the student’s responses can be recorded.

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