Friday, November 14, 2014

Math Lesson - "Common Core Math 7th Grade Statistics and Probability CCSS 7.SP.5-8"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grade 7

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Do you need resources to help you teach statistics and probability? This bundle begins with three separate hands-on group activities. The next five activities have guided notes, guided examples, and independent practice. The ninth activity is a group activity. 

This resource can guide you through your unit on teaching simple and compound probabilities.

Included in This Product:

1st Activity, 2nd Activity, 3rd Activity – Students will collect data using manipulatives and record the data on a handout. They will determine relative frequencies and compare to theoretical probability. A page of colored discs and a spinner are included.

4th Activity – Guided notes on probability terms as well as questions on the range of probabilities and the sum of probabilities are included in this activity. A separate page of independent practice is provided.

5th Activity – Guided examples on uniform and non-uniform probability models as well as independent practice make up this activity.

6th Activity – Students will learn various ways to determine the sample space with guided examples. Independent practice is included.

7th Activity – This activity has guided examples and independent practice on probabilities of compound events.

8th Activity – This activity is on using a simulation to determine probabilities that are not easily found with theoretical probability. Students will be introduced to randomly generated numbers and learn how to interpret the numbers to estimate a complex probability. Independent practice is included.

9th Activity – Five task cards are used for groups of students to design and use a simulation to estimate a probability.

Detailed teacher notes and answer keys are included.

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