Sunday, November 30, 2014

Inspirational Teaching Cards: Time to Bring Energy and Passion Back to Teaching!

If you are a teacher, and have days where you feel down or not appreciated, or if you are an administrator that is looking for a way to pick up your staff's morale, this resource is for you!

In the past few years, teachers have faced increasing pressure with new accountability measures put in place. While it is necessary to hold teachers and administrators to a high standard, it has been the way that these new initiatives have been rolled out, and the unnecessary pressures that the politicians, the public, and even administration have put on educators.

It is time to remind teachers of why they teach. It is time to make sure that teachers feel appreciated and feel like they are making a difference amid a cloud of scrutiny and blame. It is time to treat teachers like the professionals they are.

 Included in this resource are two sets of 50 cards- one set of 50 is on colored background and the other set is on white background. Both sets have the same inspirational sayings and/or quotes. We included both sets, so you can use what you prefer. These cards are meant to inspire and provide some helpful reminders to teachers. You can purchase them by clicking here.

Below are some examples of the cards you would receive. There are four cards to a normal 8.5 x 11" piece of paper, so the actual size is larger than below. 

Our goal is to help teachers realize how important they are to their students. No matter how difficult the times may be in education and teaching in general, we have to remember we are there for the children. That is why we teach!

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