Sunday, November 30, 2014

Intermediate Word Work Expanding Bundle...It's a STEAL on sale!

As my moniker suggests, I am truly wild about words!  In an effort to immerse my students in ongoing word exploration, I have developed weekly word work units that engage students in whole group, small group, and independently through a combination of instructional strategies including cooperative learning.  Each unit focuses on a very large word that can be broken into smaller focus families enabling the teacher to explicitly address difficult word patterns, affixes, roots, and more.  A 5-day unit looks something like this:

  1. Students develop their word list using manipulated letters and contextual clues that are already prepared.  (Usually this is done with partners, small group, or independently.)
  2. Introduce the list and echo read.  Students compare their list to the actual list, fill in any blanks, and make corrections. "Brainstorm" additional words in contest form...we LOVE anagrams!
  3. Choral reading of the list.  Explicit whole group instruction focusing on sorting and identifying word families, expanding the focus families, and adding to word wall.
  4. Timed reading of the list.  Cooperative review activity.  
  5. Assessment.
Each list offers a 5-day plan and suggestions for weekly implementation and includes everything you need, ready to print out.  Once you've done a week or two, the kids are hooked and so are you!  Before you know it, they will be bringing you new and bigger words to be their future week's list, and that is actually where this huge project started for me!  

There are currently 19 available units (check out this spreadsheet for focus family information on each family) but more are being added each month.  There will be a minimum of 35 units once the whole unit is complete.  I have created an expanding bundle which allows you to purchase all 19 units for a discounted price AND gives you access to all future units at NO CHARGE!  I simply update the file, notify you in the updates section, and you've got access to the new units easy as pie.  Individually, the units are $2, but the expanding bundle is available for $33, which during the sale (28% with my 20% discount and TPT's 10%)  will be a steal at $23.76!  Take advantage now---I have two new units to add next week and the price will go up.  

Stay wild!

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