Friday, November 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Acrostic Stationery

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.  I always enjoy hearing the interesting things my students would write in regards to Thanksgiving, listen to what exactly it was they were thankful for, and learn about what they actually knew about the holiday.  Traditionally, I have my class hand write a Thanksgiving acrostic that I would use to decorate the bulletin board or hallway.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I have the students bring their poems home to share with their family.  After photocopying tons of blackline Thanksgiving stationery, I decided to make my own to add a little color and elegance to their poetry.  This stationery is being sold on Teachers Pay Teachers for only $2.00 and will add a colorful addition to your classroom.  I love handwritten poetry because it gives the students the change to practice the soon-to-be lost art of cursive.  The stationery will print beautifully on both and ink jet and color laser jet printer.  Enjoy!

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