Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Language Arts - "Vowel -Consonant-e Syllable Bundle Packet"

by Amanda Trump
grades K-3

This reading unit provides 55 pages of the V-C-e syllable type word lists. V-C-e is one of the six types of syllables in reading. The lists in this unit include words spelled using each vowel in conjunction with common phonograms. These lists of words will help students recognize the common patterns seen in V-C-e syllables. 

    The 71 page unit includes activities and games that can be placed in language stations, or they can be played during small groups. So enjoy as your students learn another way to break the code to reading! Here is a list of the activities and games included in this packet:

                                          1.  Move the Spider to His Web 
                                          2. Syllable Type Organizers 
                                          3. Connect 4 
                                          4. Color the Snail’s Shell
                                          5.  Graph Your Total 
                                          6. Dominoes 
                                          7. It’s Raining V-C-e Words 
                                          8. Burst a Balloon 
                                          9. Flower Power 
                                          10. V-C-e Booklets
                                          11. Flip-Flop Match-Up
                                          12.A Walk Around the Block
                                          13. Skunk
                                          14. Building Words 
                                          15. Snake & Ladders

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