Friday, November 28, 2014

Math Activities - "3rd Grade Math - Multiplication/Division, Fractions, Area, 2-D Shapes"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grade 3

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 There are four activities in this resource. The activities may be used in a variety of ways.

1. End of the Year Review of the Four Critical Areas in 3rd Grade Math

2. Review of a Single Unit Taught During the Year

3. Activity While Teaching a Particular Standard or Objective

There are 16 tasks in this resource. Each task has a group task card and handouts for the students to complete. Some tasks involve manipulatives and grid paper.

There are four tasks for each of the four critical areas in third grade. For Activity 1 - Multiplication/Division, each of the four task cards may be placed at four different stations. After placing students into four groups each group will be assigned a station. The groups will complete the task at their first station and then rotate to another station. This will continue until all stations have been visited. This same procedure may be followed for the remaining activities.

Included In This Resource:

1. Teacher Notes
2. 4 Tasks on Multiplication/Division - Arrays, Area Models, Equal Sized Groups
3. 4 Tasks on Fractions - Unit Fractions, Comparing Fractions
4. 4 Tasks on Area - Rectangular Arrays, Count Square Units, Mulitply Side Lengths
5. 4 Tasks on 2-Dimensional Shapes - Classify Shapes, Give Fractional Part of a Shape.
6. Grid to Copy
7. 4 Different Pages of "Objects" to be Used as Manipulatives to Make Arrays
8. Student Handouts for 15 Tasks
9. Group Answer Sheet for Task S with page of 2-D shapes
10. Detailed Answer Keys

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