Thursday, September 11, 2014

FREE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT - "Behavior Clip Chart: Striped Version"

Schoolhouse Treasures
Grades 1-5

     Everyone has their own style of classroom management and some of you use it year after year.  Others might not have one tool, but many different tools.  I follow in that second category.  I like variety and I like to change things up to keep the novelty!  I've been teaching for a loooong time so I've used a variety of tools and they all have difficulty lasting the whole year - at least for me.  This year I've decided to really mix things up and use a variety of tools throughout the year...each month actually!  I know - CRAZY huh?  I'm actually looking forward to it!....  Here's one tool that I'm adding to my mix this year and it's a FREEBIE! 

{CLICK HERE} to go to my Schoolhouse Treasures' blog to read the rest of this post, learn about the variety of tools that I'm planning on using this year and to get your FREE Behavior Chart!
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