Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Math Lesson - "4th Grade Math Activities Division Strategies Multi-Digit Dividends CCSS 4.NBT.6"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grade 4
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Five strategies are taught to perform division involving multi-digit dividends.

Students are required to understand what division means and not just memorize an algorithm. They should be able to explain how they arrive at a quotient. In order to understand the process of division students should be presented with various strategies that help them grasp the concept.

The following strategies are presented in this resource.

1. Build a number using Base 10 blocks. Then separate (divide) the number into the number of groups given (the divisor).

2. Divide the number into groups using the number of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones that can be placed into each group.

3. When the dividend is thought of as the area of a rectangle, the divisor is one side of the rectangle and the quotient is the missing side.

4. A second method of using area involves finding multiples of the divisor to add to give the dividend.

5. Subtract multiples of the divisor and record the factor multiplied by the divisor that produced that multiple. When the result of the subtraction is smaller than the divisor, the division stops and the remaining number is the remainder.

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