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Language Arts Lesson – “Writing: Banned Books Research Project”

Language Arts Lesson – “Writing: Banned Books Research Project”
By Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Banned Book Week -  September 21-27, 2014

Writing: Banned Books Research Project” cover
Celebrate reading, writing and thinking while you hook your students into Banned Book Week. Here is an engaging product for you to use during this observance of the right to read, or any time during the school year. As students explore various facets of book censorship in schools, they will become more proficient in their reading, critical thinking and writing skills and will gain knowledge about this subject. Whether they choose to investigate the legal, historical, moral or societal aspects of this issue is up to each individual student and his/her personal interest in this topic.

In order to illustrate the points for book censorship in the schools, students will read a frequently banned or challenged novel, either from the included list, or a choice of their own. Next, they will research when, where and why it was challenged or banned. In the last part of the paper, each student will develop his/her opinion on whether the book should be banned or restricted, using points from the paper to support his/her conclusion. Students will follow the style sheet of the teacher’s choosing.

The three pages of Teachers Notes will help you customize this project for your students' skills, abilities and learning styles. 

Students are often shocked when they find out that some of their favorite books have been banned or restricted in schools. With this project, they can explore the Who, What, When, Where and Why so many popular texts read in schools have been challenged. A Parent Approval Form  where students get their parents' permission to read the book that they chose is included.

Download this research project from and enjoy some insightful writing and lively discussions.

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