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SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "America at War Webquest Collection (American Revolution to the Persian Gulf)"

America at War Webquest Collection (American Revolution to
Grades 5-12
Total Pages Over 80 Pages
Answer Key Included

Teaching Duration 3 Weeks

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This great lesson plan collection includes 11 internet based activities/webquests covering major wars that America has been involved in from the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War.

My students enjoy these webquests and have become very engaged in them. My students ask more questions and using the internet is always more exciting than reading from a textbook. Each webquest can take at least one class period to complete. Each of the webquests covers a war in great detail. A teacher answer key is included for 10 of the 11 webquests. (WWII Webquest Answer Key is not needed)

I sell these webquests individually and all have received very positive reviews. Save yourself time and money and order this whole collection together. By ordering this lesson plan collection you will have activities for between 11 to 20 school days depending on the grade you teach.

The following 11 webquests are included:

The following topics and websites are used in this lesson plan collection.
1. The American Revolution Webquest (55 Questions)
American Revolution Webquest

2. War of 1812 and Eastern Indian Wars Webquest (70 Questions) (Click on War of 1812 and Eastern Indian Wars)
War of 1812 and Eastern Indian Wars Webquests

3. Mexican-American War Webquest (40 Questions) (Click on Mexican War)
Mexican American War Webquest

4. The Civil War Webquest (82 Questions)
Civil War Webquest: History Channel Website

5. Western Indian Wars 1866-1890 Webquest (46 Questions) (Click on Western Indian Wars 1866-1890)
Native Americans Western Indian Wars 1866-1890 Webquest

6. Spanish American War Webquest (40 Questions) (Click on Spanish American War)
Spanish American War Webquest

7. America in World War I Webquest (45 Questions) (Click on World War I)
World War I and the United States Webquest

8. World War II Webquest: History Channel (29 Questions)
World War II Webquest/Internet Activity History Channel

9. Korean and Cold War Webquest (58 Questions) (Click on Korean and Cold War)
Korean War and Cold War Webquest

10. Vietnam War Webquest (46 Questions) (Click on Vietnam)
Vietnam War Webquest

11. Desert Storm/Persian Gulf War Video Webquest (25 Questions)

If the site is ever taken down just type in "20th Century Battlefields Persian Gulf War" into YouTube and you will find the video.
Gulf War Video Webquest

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