Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Reflections- Failing at Math

I am starting a new Friday series called Friday Reflections. The first part of this series will be titled "Failing at Math." The Failing at Math series will include a variety of interesting media describing situations where adults struggled with basic math concepts-- many of the concepts which originate in elementary school. As you view them, please consider how we as educators can support our students so that they do not continue to have these same misunderstandings.
Today's edition of "Failing at Math" includes an excerpt that appeared in a "New York Times" magazine. I choose this excerpt because it illustrates the difficulties that so many students face with fractions. Read the excerpt and respond to the reflection question below on The Routty Math Teacher Facebook page.
Question for Reflection: How can K-5 math teachers support students with understanding the difference between whole number comparisons and fraction comparisons?

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