Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to Write Recommendation Letters for College Applications

How to Write Recommendation Letters 
College Applications

By: Connie Casserly
For: Teaching Staff- 12th grade

How to Write Recommendation Letters for College Applications
The season for students to ask teachers to write them college recommendation letters is fast approaching – especially for those seniors applying for early admission (November 1st Deadline). 

These letters are so very important in the application process, even more so when the admission deans are choosing between students with very similar qualifications. Considering that point, teachers want to guarantee that each letter showcases the student honestly and succinctly.

After writing recommendation letters for over two and a half decades, I decided to analyze those that I had written and to compile a How To list along with sample letters for three types of students: Superior, Above Average and Average. The result, this seven-page posting includes:
  • qualities to address such as: Academic, athletic and personal prowess
  •  points to consider, especially for students whose academic record could benefit from an educator's viewpoint
  •  what to avoid as well as what to include
  • a basic letter format, and
  •  a list of adjectives and phrases to guide teachers though the process.

At the end of this package, I provide three sample letters to show how all of these points can be meshed into a cohesive recommendation - one each for superior, above average and average students. 

After using the information in this packet, teachers will be able to write a personal, yet concise and specific letter for any student without experiencing any trepidation.

Happy Recommendation Letter Writing,

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