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SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "American History and United States Geography Collection"

American History and United States Geography Collection (H
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By:  The History Wizard
Grades 6-12

       Total Pages 
Over 1000
Answer Key
Included with Rubric
Teaching Duration
1 Year

Updated for 2014-2015 School Year!

Now includes all of my American History/United States Geography Lesson Plans except my powerpoints. (Multiple Powerpoint files are too large to place in collections; you can buy them individually)

This great lesson plan collection includes over 200 internet-based activities covering American History topics from Native Americans to Barack Obama. My students enjoy these webquests and are very engaged in them. My students ask more questions and using the internet is always more exciting than reading from a textbook.

Each major lesson plan/webquest takes at least one class period to complete. All of the websites cover events in American History in great detail. I sell all 200 lesson plans individually and have received very positive reviews. Save yourself time and money and order this whole collection together! By ordering this lesson plan collection, you will have activities for 100-200 school days, depending on the grade you teach. Feel free to check the reviews of my various history webquests on Teachers Pay Teachers.

If you have any questions about this collection please ask; I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

The following American History sets are included in this collection:

Native American Lesson Plan and Webquest Collection
History Wizard’s Explorers and Colonization Lesson Plan Collection
American Revolution Lesson Plan Collection
War of 1812 and Early United States Lesson Plan Collection History
Civil War and Reconstruction Lesson Plan Collection (History Wizard)
African American History Webquests and Lesson Plans Collection
Minnesota History Webquests and Lesson Plan Collection
American West and Westward Expansion Lesson Plan Collection
Spanish American War and Imperialism Lesson Plan Collection
Presidents Webquest: Washington to Obama
Assassination of American Presidents Primary Source Worksheets Collection
Complete World War I and Russian Revolution Collection
Great Depression Lesson Plan Collection
World War II and Holocaust Webquest Collection
Cold War Lesson Plans and Webquests Collection (Includes the Korean War and Vietnam War)
Mapping the United States Geography and Historical Map Collection

Lesson plans on Industrialization, Immigration, 1920s, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War,Women's History, all of American primary sources worksheets are also included in this collection.

Please check out my other collections if you are looking for something smaller or bigger:
American and World History Primary Sources Worksheet Collection
Mapping the United States Geography and Historical Map Collection
History Wizard’s Whole Year of Geography Lesson Plans and Mapping Activities
World History and World Geography Collection (History Wizard)
American History, World History, and Geography Collection (History Wizard)

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The History Wizard

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