Tuesday, September 2, 2014

FREE MATH ACTIVITY - Rounding Numbers

Created by Schoolhouse Treasures
Grades 2-4

Rounding Numbers in 3rd Grade!
 Math suddenly becomes confusing for students when you introduce rounding to the nearest hundred!  Does this happen with your students?  Everything is going well when reviewing rounding to the nearest 10 and they all seem to get the concept.  Then you introduce rounding to the nearest 100 - and everything starts to fall apart!  Never fails!  I created this rounding to 100 activity to provide my students with extra practice and I'm sharing it with you today!
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This makes a great activity to use for centers or RTI!  This was created based on Common Core Standard: NBT 3.1 but could be used with 2nd and 4th as a review.  An answer key and recording sheet are included too!

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