Saturday, September 20, 2014

FREE MATH LESSON - “5.OA.1 Order of Operations Notes”

by Ciano’s Classroom Creations
5th Grade

I've noticed over the years that students tend to have a difficult time keeping detailed, organized notes for math. It was alarming more so this year with the group that I had. We, as teachers, know how important an organized notebook is, even more so now that we have Common Core. I also noticed my students spent so much class time copying the steps to solve each problem and realized that I needed to do something to remedy this so that they would have more time to practice the new problems/strategies I was teaching them.

That is when the thought of creating CCSS aligned notes for math came from. 

This FREEBIE (though not for long), has student friendly notes and steps for solving 5.OA.1, order of operations. This 4 page document can be printed single or double sided and is a great resource for your students to place into their math notebooks or for you to keep a master binder of the CCSS strategies that your students can look back at as needed. 

*~*A full CCSS version with notes for all the standards will be available by mid August at the latest. In the meantime please share this resource with others, rate it, comment and offer feedback. Thank you!! *~*

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