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SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - "Ancient Civilizations Of the World Webquest and Worksheet Collection"

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Grades 4-12

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1 Year

If you teach World History or about Ancient Civilizations this collection is a must have! This collection of webquests and worksheets allow students to learn about Ancient Civilizations from several great websites. Click on the links below to learn about each webquest and worksheet, you will not be disappointed by this collection.

The following civilizations are covered in this collect:

Ancient Egypt
Ancient China
Ancient India (Indus Valley)
Mongol Empire
Greece (Greek City-States)
Ancient Rome
Early Britain (Celts and Anglo-Saxons)
African Civilizations (Nubia/Mali/Ghana)
Important people and events are also covered in the webquests and worksheets. 

The following lesson plans are included in the Ancient Civilizations of the World Collection:

Ancient Civilization Webquests:
Mesopotamia Daily Life Webquest
Ancient Egypt Pyramids and History Webquest
Ancient Egypt Webquest
Ancient China Webquest
China: Ancient and Modern Webquest
Mongol Empire Daily Life Webquest
Ancient India and Pakistan: Indus Valley Webquest
Ancient to Modern India Webquest
Ancient Greek Webquest (Student Friendly Website)
Ancient Greek Webquest
Greek Mythology Webquest for Kids
Roman Mythology Webquest for Kids
Ancient Rome and Roman Empire Webquest
Rome Daily Life Webquest
Celtic Daily Life Webquest
Anglo-Saxon Webquest (Early Britain)
Civilizations of Africa Webquest
Africa History Webquest
Mayan Daily Life Webquest
Aztec Webquest
Inca Daily Life Webquest

Ancient Civilizations Worksheets:
History of Pyramids Worksheet
Ancient Greece Primary Source Worksheet Collection
Hippocrates and Hippocratic Oath Worksheet
The Battle of Marathon Worksheet
The Death of Alexander the Great Primary Source Worksheet
The Suicide of Socrates Primary Source Worksheet
Ancient Rome Primary Source Worksheet Collection
Slavery in Ancient Rome Primary Source Worksheet
Julius Caesar Primary Source Worksheet
Roman Gladiators Primary Source Worksheet
Pompeii: Ancient Rome Primary Source Worksheet
Rome: Ancient Super City Worksheet
Jerusalem Old City Map Worksheet

Ancient Civilization Writing Activities: (1 lesson plan)
Mesopotamia Journal Activity
Ancient Egypt Journal Activity
Ancient China Spy Report
Mongol Empire Journal Activity
Ancient Greek Spy Report
Roman Spy Report
Mali Empire Journal Activity
Mayan Journal/Writing Activity
Aztec Spy Report/Writing Activity
Inca Spy Report/Writing Activity

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