Thursday, January 22, 2015

English Language Arts - "How to Write and Argumentative Essay"

High School Writing Lesson - "How to Write an Argumentative Essay"
By Dianne Mason
Grades 11-12

Help your students understand the requirements for an effective argument and aid them in improving their argumentative writing skills with this powerful, classroom tested lesson filled with examples and useful exercises.

Give them the tools they need to formulate a worthwhile research question, a hypothesis, and a debatable thesis statement. “How to Write an Argumentative Essay” will enable them to introduce and use concession and counterargument to bolster their position.

This lesson emphasizes some of the most important critical thinking skills a student can master - knowing how to evaluate the evidence uncovered in research in order to distinguish fact from opinion, how to recognize generalizations, slanted writing, propaganda, and logical fallacies; and how to synthesize the information gathered into a coherent essay.

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