Saturday, January 31, 2015

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - "Parts of Speech for Beginners: Pronouns"

Before little ones even know what a ‘part of speech’ is, they are using pronouns.  And no doubt, correct usage comes with correct modeling.  New English speakers, ESLs, are also developing pronoun skills.

Right along with color words, these teeny-tiny words are some of the first that little ones learn to read.  Why not make it fun!

is a FREE and fun set of activities to practice 12 of these small little words.

There are 3 pages in color to use in small group or center activity.

And there are 3 pages in black and white for independent practice.

12 flash cards are included to duplicate and give to each child. 


Have your little ones circle the correct pronoun or cut apart the pictures and use clothespins to make clip cards. 

Go a step further and use the cards for oral language by making sentences about the picture using correct pronouns.


If this Parts of Speech product works well for your students, you might want to continue with the rest of the series.  Take a look at the entire series by clicking this link.  Parts of Speech for Beginners BUNDLE

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