Saturday, January 24, 2015

Language Arts - "February Color by Sight Word"

By: Sam Van Gorp
K-2nd Grade

February Is….
Groundhog Day!
Dental Health Month!
Valentine’s Day!
President’s Day!
Black History Month!
Friendship Month!
100th Day of School!
Lincoln’s Birthday!
Washington’s Birthday!

Use these interactive Color by Sight Word sheets as a learning companion with your February topics! Use for morning work, word work, extra practice, or early finishers! 

There are 22 different Color by Sight Word pages included. Some pages are easier than others, so you are able to differentiate according to your students' needs! They are NO PREP! Simply print and use with students!

Groundhog Day Sheet #1: a, can, for, and, see
Groundhog Day Sheet #2: you, we my
Groundhog Day Sheet #3: away, down, funny, into, here
Groundhog Day Sheet #4: could, give, again

Dental Health Sheet #1: is, one, run, up, all get
Dental Health Sheet #2: am, was, do, but, on, so, too
Dental Health Sheet #3: it, are, eat, he, no, ran, out
Dental Health Sheet #4: every, open, going, some, know, then, live

Valentine's Day Sheet #1: two, at, our, new, like, say
Valentine's Day Sheet #2: ate, now, saw, well, her, put
Valentine's Day Sheet #3: she, who, yes, an, by, had
Valentine's Day Sheet #4: jump, look, make, play, three, where, came

Abraham Lincoln: big, go, in, me
George Washington: to, the, as, him
President's Day Sheet #1: said, help, little, find, came, four, good, have
President's Day Sheet #2: please, under, were, there, just, from

Harriet Tubman: must, pretty, ride, soon, that, want, after
Martin Luther King, Jr. & Rosa Parks: any, they, will, what, fly, has, of

Friendship Month Sheet #1: this, went, with, his, let, may, over
Friendship Month Sheet #2: how, stop, when, ask, take, them, thank

100th Day Sheet #1 & 2: No words included, just coloring:)


Have fun with these!

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