Thursday, January 22, 2015

Math Lesson - "Common Core Math 6th Grade Equivalent Expressions (6.EE.3,4) with I Have-Who Has Game"

by Hilda Ratliff

Grade 6                                                    

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This product will save you time as guided notes, guided examples and independent practice are on handouts ready to be copied!

Teacher notes and detailed answer keys are included.

1st Activity – Properties of Operations

Students will fill in blanks as they take notes on properties of operations illustrated with numbers and then with variables. Tiles to model expressions along with area models are used to reinforce the concepts used to write expressions in various ways.
Students may draw representations of tiles on their paper to model different situations. They may use manipulatives to model the expressions and then draw the tiles they used to prove how they got an answer. Included in this resource is a page of variable shapes and a page of unit shapes that may be copied and cut out for each student.

2nd Activity – Equivalent Expressions

Students determine if two expressions are equivalent by substituting a value for the variable and evaluating the expressions. If the expressions are not the same the expressions are not equivalent.

I Have – Who Has Game 
There are 30 cards in the game for students to sharpen skills on equivalent expressions.

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