Saturday, January 24, 2015



Looking for a fun way for your students to practice their FRY words?  Have you heard of KABOOM?  If not, take a look!

This game comes with FRY words 1-100.

Students start by placing all their words in a bag, envelope, or some container where they can't see the words.  They draw them out one at a time.  If they read the word correctly, they get to keep the card.  If they don't, then they have to put the word back.  Play continues on this way.

But beware of the KABOOM! card!
If you draw one of these, you have to put all your words back and start from scratch again!

I've included directions and center labels as well.  This game is great for guided reading groups, RTI groups, small groups, or literacy stations.  I have KABOOM games for the first 400 words and a bundle of words 1-400!  Click the pictures to grab them!



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