Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Language Arts Lesson- "Vowel Team Animal Friends Pack"

By Teacher Features
Grades 1-3

Looking for a simple way to help your students understand when to use a particular spelling and when not to? These animal visuals will help your kiddos remember the sounds and spellings for common vowel combinations found in Grades 1-3. 
“Vowel Team Animal Friends" is a sure-fire reference that will help you out in a jiffy. 
Created in a colorful, streamlined design this learning tool will be your go-to! (16 pages)

(8) Vowel Team Animal Posters
(8) Vowel Team Anchor Charts
(8) Spelling Rule Cards

Vowel Digraphs & Diphthongs

ai/ay (Jay Tail)
ae/ea (Leap Sheep)
oa/ow (Glow Goat) 
au/aw (Paul Claw)
oo/ew (New Kangaroo)
ee/ey (Tricky Tree Monkey)
ou/ow (Loud Cow) 
oi/oy (Oink Boy)

Graphics: Educlips

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