Saturday, January 17, 2015

Language Arts Lesson- "Sweet Valentine's Day Activities (1st and 2nd Grade)"

By Teacher Features
Grades 1 & 2

Fantastic activities for February! MANY options allow you to differentiate for all 
levels of learning in your classroom. Happy Valentine's Day! 

• Valentine ABC Order and Recording Sheet (18 words)
• Sweet Puppies-Silent E Game (54 cards)
The player with the most cards wins!
• Valentine-themed Synonym Sort (30 pairs) with (2) Recording Sheets
• Valentine-themed Antonym Sort (30 pairs) with (2) Recording Sheets
• One and Two Syllable Word Sorts (36 word cards and 2 Recording Sheets)
• Noun and Verb Sort (36 word cards and 2 Recording Sheets)

• Gumball Addition Problem Cards and (6) Number Sorting Mats
• Addition/Subtraction Fact Family Sheets
• Coin Counting: Sweets Menu (3 pages)
• What Time is Shopping/What Time is Dessert? (nearest hour and half hour) 2 pages
• Heart Double-Addition Match (no regrouping) 36 problems
• How Many Sweets? (Tally Mark Addition)
Sweets: Tally Mark/Bar Graph Math (4 pages)

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