Sunday, January 18, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - “Legend of the Bluebonnet 3rd Grade Companion Pack”

Need a companion pack to go along with a wonderful and heartbreaking Comanche Indian tale by Tomie DePaola? This companion pack is designed to support your CCSS literature lessons that go along with The Legend of the Bluebonnet.  This CCSS aligned product is geared to grade 3 to cover essential literature standards CCSS grade 3 RL3.1, RL3.2, RL3.3, RL3.4, RL3.6, RL3.7, RL3.9, L3.5c, W3.1.

Students relate well to this beautifully illustrated and touching story of how a young girl makes a great sacrifice to save her people from drought and famine. With this story, teachers can begin introducing the CCSS Literature standards. Included are suggestions and strategies to use for each activity page in this companion pack with a suggested pacing guide of 11-12 days. These are not complete lessons, but intended to support your lessons on the common core standards.

The following blackline masters are included for Grade 3 with emphasis on a specific grade level standard:

★ Asking Questions (ask who, what, where, when, why, how questions)

★ Answering Questions (answer text dependent questions using key details from text)

★ Retelling the Story (retell the story in sequence with transition words)

★ The Moral or Lesson of the Story (What does the author want you to learn?)

★ Describing Characters (What traits describe the character, what are the motivations and feelings?)

★ Literal and Non-Literal Language (What does “change of mind” actually mean?)

★ Point of View (What does the Warrior think about NOT sacrificing his new bow? What do you think about the Warrior not wanting to sacrifice his bow? What does She-Who-Is-Alone and the People think about making a sacrifice?)

★ Illustrations (How do the illustrations support the text?)

★ Shades of Meaning (Learn synonyms for the word “sacrifice and “selfish")

★ Opinion Writing (Write an opinion whether it was necessary to make a sacrifice.)

Each blackline master has been tailored to the specific standard and emphasis the grade level.

Also included are 5 Extension Activities that support the standards:

★ Illustrating (make the author’s words come alive)

★ Making Sacrifices (Write about the girls sacrifice. Write about sacrifices you might make)

★ Hot Seat! (be She-Who-Is-Alone and answer some tough questions!)

★ Giving the Girl Advice (Give She-Who-Is-Alone advice on how to end her people’s suffering)

★ Compare and Contrast (She-Who-Is-Alone to yourself)

★ Wanted Poster (She-Who-Is-Alone is wanted for being selfless)

8 separate standards are addressed in the companion pack.  See the entire Companion Pack HERE.

A sampler of the companion is also available HERE

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