Sunday, January 18, 2015

Language Arts - "Prefix and Suffix Matching Games and Activities (136 Cards)"

By Christina L.
Grades 3-6

These activities cover the following prefixes and suffixes: in, un, mis, pre, dis, re, non, mid, im, bi, inter, pro, anti, ex, under, sub, ly, er, est, er/or, ed, ful, less, able/ible, ion, ment, ness, ous
• a brief 1 page explanation of prefixes and suffixes
• 16 prefix cards and 16 matching prefix definitions 
• 24 definitions and 24 matching prefix words
• 12 suffix cards and 12 matching suffix definitions
• 16 definitions and 16 matching suffix words
• 4 worksheets for students to “brainstorm” as many prefix and suffix words as they can
• Answer keys to all matches

Suggested Activities:
• Laminate cards to use year after year.
• Use cards as a center activity or small group work.
• Use the worksheets as a way to introduce prefixes and suffixes. Have students work in pairs or small groups while completing worksheet activity. 

Thanks for looking!
Christina L

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