Sunday, March 15, 2015

Brothers Grimm 1: No Prep Unit: Golden Bird, Hans in Luck, Non-Fiction For CCSS

by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti
Grade 9 and 10

The Golden Bird
Hans in Luck
PBL Activities
Non-Fiction Reading

No Prep...perfect for whole class, literature circles, subs, RTI or alternative education.

32 pages PLUS 2 PowerPoints

This workbook is designed to cover one-quarter of the Common Core State Standards in English for the 9 and 10th grades. The writing requirements should be used to teach and emphasize all of the Common Core State Standards for Language - as proper grammar usage must be relevant and applicable to real world settings. 

The Golden Bird page 5
Theme CCSS 9-10 RL.2 page 11
Character Analysis CCSS 9-10 RL.3 page 12
Author’s Choice n Text Structuring CCSS 9-10 RL.4/5 page 13
Digging Deeper: Critical Thinking for 21st Century page 14
Summary Writing CCSS 9-10 W.4/5 page 15

PBL: Multimedia Project page 16

Who Were the Grimm Brothers? Information Text (RI.2) page 17

Hans in Luck page 18
Literary Devices CCSS 9-10 RL.6 page 23
Multi-Media Comparison CCSS 9-10 RL.7 page 25
Writing Arguments CCSS 9-10 W.1 page 26

Non-Fiction: Around the World 1812ish CCSS 9-10 RI.2/7 page 27
PBL CCSS.W1 and W.7 and RH.2 and RH.3

Appendix page 29
Writing Rubric page 30
Critical Response Rubric page 31

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