Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fifth Grade Daily March Reading and Writing Warm-Ups Common Core Aligned

by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Grade 5

Daily Reading and Writing Warm-Ups

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Bring in March with 20 original nonfiction March-themed Reading and Writing Warm-ups for Fifth Graders. Each passage is written at three levels: above grade level, at grade level and below grade level. Sixty passages in all.

Why Reading and Writing Warm-Ups? Adding just one daily Reading and Writing Warm-Up to your schedule takes less than ten minutes a day, promotes the higher order thinking skills necessary of today’s student and helps build reading fluency and comprehension skills.

Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, these passages help promote literacy in all subjects, while providing opportunities for higher order thinking and reasoning. A reading, Common Core and Bloom’s Taxonomy boost all in one ten minute a day assignment. 

Passages are written to promote vocabulary acquisition. Content vocabulary repeats allowing readers to familiarize themselves with the same word in different sentences.

Students learn to write by writing, every day…sentences, paragraphs, essays and stories. Students also learn to read fluently and across the curriculum by reading every day…take an extra ten minutes a day to promote that proficiency.

Please check out the preview as it contains all of the passages!

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