Thursday, March 12, 2015


Hands on History
Sarah Peterson
Grades 6-8

Looking for an interesting History lesson?  My newest "Colonial Careers" lesson is a fun way to learn about the Salem Witch Trials!  
This lesson plan consists of 12 pages of reading passages on the Salem Witch Trials.  These can be used for close reading (using any non-fiction graphic organizer).  This product includes engaging activities, worksheets and teachers keys. 
Topics for the informational text include:
·         Puritans in England and America
·         Laws of the Puritans
·         The Salem Witch Trials How It Began
·         Arrests and Examinations
·         The Process for Putting a Witch on Trial in Salem in 1692
·         The Court and the Judges
·         The Associate Magistrates
·         Cotton Mather Minister and Writer
·         The Accusers and the Accused
·         The End of the Salem Witch Trials
·         The Aftermath of the Salem Witch Trials

The following activities are included:
·         Magistrate Job Application
·         Comprehension Worksheet
·         A Witch or Bewitched?
·         Graphing Activity: Complete a Pie Chart
·         Speak Like a Puritan
·         Choose a Puritan Name
·         Bingo Review Words and Clues to Create your own Bingo Cards
·         Puritan Children Modern Children A Comparison Activity
·         Create a Newspaper!
·        Read and Analyze Depositions Against Rebecca Nurse

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