Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ecology Complete Unit: Sustainable Ecosystems - Lessons, Assessments and Activities

Newly updated Ecosystem Unit.

The Unit Package includes a complete lesson set for an Ecology unit on Sustainable Ecosystems. Save 38% compared with purchasing each item within the bundle separately. Save even more when you combine units. I've bundled two common units together so please have a look at my Space and Ecology Unit Bundle.

Included in the package:
- 5 weeks of teaching material
- 9 Power Points totaling 170 slides
- 5 Culminating Tasks/Projects
- Ecosystems Lab Experiment: Ecobottles Lab
Creative Story Assignment
Water and Carbon Cycle Diagram Activity
Human Impact on Ecosystems Assignment

Invasive Species Project (can be found in Lesson 9)
Ecology and Ecosystems Task Card Review
- FOUR Bill Nye Worksheets with direct video link and answer key
- Teacher and student versions of each power point
- Student notes in word

If you teach space and ecology, please CLICK HERE as I've bundled both units for an additional savings of 25%!

Lessons Included:
Lesson 1 - The Spheres of the Earth
Lesson 2 - Ecosystems
Lesson 3 - Energy Flow In Ecosystems
Lesson 4 - Cycling of Matter In Ecosystems
Lesson 5 - Population Influences within Ecosystems
Lesson 6 - Ecological Succession
Lesson 7 - Biomass and Fossil Fuels
Lesson 8 - The Importance of Biodiversity
Lesson 9 - Invasive Species

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