Monday, March 9, 2015

FREE MATH LESSON - "Three of a Kind with School Supplies"

by Kathryn Garcia
Pre-K - Kinder

It is definitely testing season.  But, for the very little ones, some assessments can be 'informal'.  You can assess number sense with some FREE small group games
like this one from my Made For Learning store.  

Click here to see Three-of-a-Kind with School Supplies.

This particular game is fun at any time of the year and can be modified by choosing which numbers are going to be used.  The goal is to find 3 cards that show the same number using ten frames, numerals, and sets of objects.  Simple and fun......and FREE!

While the school supply theme works at any time of the year, you can also download a Three of a Kind game for Halloween and for Thanksgiving.  All FREE!
If you would like some ideas for using school supplies in other ways,
consider looking at these products from my store.
 Click here to see this product.

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