Sunday, March 8, 2015

Language Arts/Social Studies: Persuasive Techniques PPT (3-5)

Created by: Danielle Hall 
grades 3-5

PowerPoint (link)

This is the beginning of a new series of products geared towards teaching Persuasive Techniques at the upper primary level. This PowerPoint and Notes pages pack will help introduce ten “ptech” terms to your students, along with interactive examples.

The terms covered are Bandwagon, Testimonial, Exaggeration, Fear, Repetition, Beautiful People, Urgency, Name-Calling, Scientific Approach, and Snob Appeal.

The PPT contains links to three short kid-friendly commercials for students to analyze. These are YouTube links, so please check them or download them before you use this PPT in class. You can also explore SaveTube and SafeShare for work-arounds.

What You Get
-PPT file with definitions, examples, and interactive practice
-Notes page (heavy writing version)
-Note page (light writing version)
-Answer Key

As always, feedback is appreciated!


-Danielle @ nouvelle

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