Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's a Frog's Life Activity Pack - A Nonfiction Resource

Hop To It!
This product includes everything you need to teach all about FROGS and their Cycle of Life! 
There are three informational articles with real life photos and comprehension questions for older students plus a mini-book that describes and explains the cycle of life for students. 
Just added: A special case study on Poison Dart Frogs
There’s also a template for younger students to create and color their own mini-book related to a frog’s cycle of life. 
There are several engaging student activities to complement this unit of study including:

Mini-book for students to create and color related to the life cycle of a frog
Vocabulary flip-flap book
Main Idea template to use with the articles
Comprehension & Connection Questions
Fact and Opinion activities
Concept Frog Map 
The Life Cycle of Frog Organizer
Coloring pages 
Vocabulary Posters – great for bulletin boards!

Keep Froggin Around and Leap on Over!

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