Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fluberbia: The Novel

by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti
Grades 3-6

Janie has trouble sleeping one winter night. When she gets up to roam the house, a mysterious light, from across the street, catches her eye. She quickly goes outside to explore. The light is radiating from a tiny violet. The smell of the flower is scrumptious. Janie bends to get a better whiff and tumbles down its stem -- falling, falling, falling -- finally to land in a thump in the Kingdom of Fluberbia -- where she meets the Princesses Claire and Julia and the adventure begins. The three embark on a quest to solve the riddles of the Crown of Goodness – to rescue the princesses’ parents and save Fluberbia from the evil Empress Ephora. The fearless friends trick Ogres, battle Cinderbeasts brave the Enchanted Forest and prove that the power of friendship can conquer all!

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