Friday, March 13, 2015

Language Arts & Math Lessons: St. Patrick's Day

By: Krystin McGahan
Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade

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St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day: St. Patrick's Day math and 

literacy activities, centers and games. 

St. Patrick's Day is here so it's time to start planning all things GREEN! Use these St. Patrick's Day math and literacy activities, centers and games to help your class celebrate in March. It's your lucky day...included are 14 activities and 82 pages that will help your students have a memorable and engaging St. Patrick's Day in your class :)
*** This product was updated on 2/11/14 (3 new activities and over 20 new pages added)

What's Included:

Marching in March: An idea for a St. Patrick’s Day parade with printable templates for student bowties, hats, four leaf clover badges and Irish flags

A Visit From Shamus: Get in the holiday spirit when Shamus the leprechaun makes an overnight visit to your classroom leaving behinds a letter and clues for you to help him find his pot of gold. The rhyming clues will take you on a scavenger hunt around the school. Printable writing paper also included for writing extension piece. 

Lucky Number: An addition game with printable game cards included

Lucky Charms Graphing Activity: Use this tasty St. Patrick’s snack to have your students sort, count, graph and analyze their results. Three student printables included. 

Greetings From Ireland: Have your students take an imaginary trip to Ireland where they create a scrapbook upon their return to share what they learned and saw. 10 page student book included.

My Leprechaun: Invite your students to imagine they caught their very own leprechaun. Included is a 10 page printable student mini book where they can share their adventures.

O’Memory: A St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary matching game with 18 colorful game cards included

St. Patty’s Day Journal Prompts and Stationary: 8 printable St. Patrick’s Day themed journal prompt cards and 5 different students stationary pages including one page of extra primary lines. 

Leprechaun Glyph: A following directions, listening activity with printable student page and teacher directions.

Tell Me A Tale: 24 colorful story cards to encourage creative, fictional story writing. Rubric included.

Shamrock Shuffle: A fun interactive math game to get your kids moving... game cards included.

Feeling Green: A great game to gets students to think outside the box. Perfect for a guided reading warm up , centers or small groups. Printable included.

Leprechaun Line Up: A cut and paste ordinal number math activity with black and white students activity pieces. 

Go McFishing: A St. Patrick's Day twist to Go Fish. Black and white and colored game card sets both included. 

By: Krystin McGahan

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