Friday, March 27, 2015

English Language Arts Grammar Activities - "Build Strong Sentences with The Parts of Speech"

By - Connie Casserly
Grades 6-12

Grammar Activities - Build Strong Sentences with The Parts of Speech

Build Strong Sentences with The Parts of Speech
When you ask your students to check their papers for Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement, Subject/Verb Agreement or for ending sentences with Prepositions, do they look at you as if you were speaking Early Alien?

If so, they probably need to review those building blocks of strong sentences, the Parts of Speech.Middle School and High School students need to understand the parts of a sentence if they are to compose original strong sentences.

Recently,  I added three more activities to this packet, each with an answer sheet. Now, students have even more opportunities to review and reinforce their understanding of the Parts of Speech and develop their ability to use them correctly when composing clear and cogent sentences.

What is included in this packet? A
~Mad-Libs-based exercise where students must fill in blanks with the required part of speech. They
Build Strong Sentences with The Parts of Speech preview
also are to select words of their choosing to write complete sentences following the given patterns.
~Label the Quotes activity where students label each word in ten movie quotes. *Answer Key
~Students –Choose Your Label the Quotes Sentences  for students to select quotes from sources of their choosing, and then switch papers with a peer to label the words. *Answer Key
~Quotation Word Scramble where students are given a scrambled list of words from a novel quotation. They must rearrange the words into logical sentences-hopefully the original quote. *Answer Key

Together, these activities which follow the Show Me, Help Me, Let Me teaching concept, will enable students to strengthen Parts of Speech muscles so they can build strong sentences.

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