Saturday, January 3, 2015

Language Arts and Social Studies - "Famous Americans: Reading Activities and Posters"

By Christina L
Grades 2-6

This product includes activities and posters for the following famous Americans:
• George Washington
• Abraham Lincoln
• Helen Keller
• Susan B. Anthony
• Jackie Robinson
• Martin Luther King, Jr.

• 6 Reading/Fact Sheets (1 for each “Famous American”)

• 6 Reading comprehension worksheets (1 for each “Famous

• 7 Posters for a bulletin board (these are full sheet size) 

• 1 Worksheet “Famous Quotes”: Match the famous American with his/her famous quote. Students will have to use the information they have to decide who said what. It can be done with a partner and is great for a class discussion.

Thanks for looking!
Christina L

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