Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Language Arts - "Cause and Effect Matching Game and Worksheets"

By Christina L
Grades 2-4


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Here's a fun way to review cause and effect. You can use this game in your literacy centers, for early finishers or any other time you need an engaging way to review this concept. Great for ELLs, too.

•48 cause and effect cards (24 “cause” cards and 24 “effect” cards)
•A brief explanation with an example
•Answer Keys
•Worksheet for students to write out the sentences using a linking word.

4 More Worksheets to Practice Cause and Effect including:
•Cause and Effect: The Invention of the Popsicle (Can be used to introduce the concept of cause and effect)
•Cause and Effect: Matching
•Read the cause and write the effect.
•Read the effect and write the cause.

Suggested Activities:
•Laminate cards to use year after year.
•Print cards in color to make 2 games of 24 cards each or print in black and white for a larger game of 48 cards. Be sure to cut and laminate the category heading: “Cause” and “Effect”. 

Thanks for Looking!
Christina L

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