Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Language Arts - "Proofreading and Editing: February Reading Passages"

By Christina L
Grades 3-6

This product includes 8 February themed reading passages for students to proofread and edit. Each worksheet comes with an editing chart. Also included are 8 Answer Keys so that students may check their work independently and a worksheet for students to recall 4 facts they learned about the month of February.

Great for warm ups or other independent work!

The 8 passages include the following titles:
• Groundhog Day

• What is a Groundhog Anyway?
• Random Acts of Kindness 
• Honest Abe
• The Father of Our Country
• Super Bowl Sunday
• Valentine's Day
• Leap Day

If you need some reading comprehension practice, you may prefer this product instead:
February Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions

If you enjoy these, look for Proofreading and Editing: March Reading Passages coming soon!

Thanks for looking!

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